What is stefan ART?

Yes what  is Stefan ART? Stefan ART it's me in color on a canvas. Colorful and varied as life itself. It is my interpretation of art and I express myself into any image. Each image is created out of another idea, and particularly from a different mood. Each image is individually decorated and stands out with its uniqueness. None of my images is a mass product, but a product of a passion and a hobby. Because I do not paint because I have to do it, I paint only when I want it.


What kinds of materials are used?

I use several sizes of canvases on stretchers and acrylics. I use mainly for painting different typs of spatula.


What is a stretcher?

A stretcher is a simple construction of wood (mostly softwoods like spruce, fir or pine), is mounted on a canvas and firmly stapled, which is then primed and painted.

What makes the stretcher special is the corner joint, which is not fixed. The profile is chosen such that it is possible the strips at an angle of 90 degrees to push together. The stability arises only when the screen is applied. If the canvas lose their tension after time, the stretcher is "keyed" in the corners, that there are hardwood wedges driven from the inside in the frame, so that increases the external dimensions and the canvas is stretched.


What are acrylics?

Acrylic paint is based on polymer dispersions (viscous paints) and can be diluted with water. Acrylic paint may also be used as an alternative or supplement to the oil paint and drys also in thick layers of a water-resistant film without cracks. The dried paint is slightly glossy and forms an elastic film on the painting surface. Acrylic paint can be used on any fat-free surface (canvas, wood, metal). In contrast to the oil paint, water-based acrylic paint is very low odor during painting .


What should I do if I want to get a picture made?

For that I kindly ask you to use the contact form. Please write as much as possible ideas and imagination. What size, designs, color, etc. I'll get back to you as soon as possible to tune the subtleties.

About the creative process, I will of course report regularly. However, a commissioned work will take time. It is expected to be at least 1-2 months, because I do not want to paint a picture when I'm under pressure and needs to paint a picture. The results of painting are always more expressive if the artist had also wanted to paint the picture and was in the mood.


What can I do if I've seen a picture, but this has been already sold?

Again, you are very welcome to use the contact form. I will then paint a picture as similar as it is possible. But please note: Each painting is individually, I can't create an exact copy.


Is there a warranty on my bought paintings?

Unfortunately is that not possible.

The paintings are painted on a canvas with stretcher. Subsequent warping of the frame can unfortunately never be excluded. Because the canvas is a natural product made of cloth, this is not tear-resistant. So please keep the canvas away from sharp objects. The colors will reserve its intensity under normal light irradiation.


Can I look at the pictures without even an exhibition?

This is only possible under certain conditions. The reason is I don't have a own gallery or exhibition space, the paintings can be only viewed in publicly exhibitions. If the paintings are not displayed, they are  under my care at home. You can view the paintings at my place only by appointment.


Do I have to frame the image before I can hang it?

In principle the paintings on a stretcher can be hung without any special framing. (Almost) all the paintings are fitted already with a wire rope suspension. So the pictures can be hung according to taste on a hook or nail without the wire is visible. You can align the paintings problem-free by the wire rope suspension and they usually hang by itself parallel to the ground.

Ich freue mich immer sehr über jeden Eintrag in meinem Gästebuch. Ein paar Beiträge sind schon einmal hier unten nachzulesen und der Rest dann im großen Gästebuch. 

**I'm always happy about every entry in my guestbook. A few posts you can already read below and the rest of them in large book.

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    Gerlach,Stefany (Samstag, 25 März 2017 00:09)

    Ein genialer Maler! die Grundierung mit einer meisterhaften Technik angebracht und in Komplementärfarben zur Lebendigkeit gebracht. Feinfühligkeit zur Materie, Farbe und Ausdrucksstärke der entsprechenden Fantasie des Betrachters werden absolut erfüllt! Das Auge des Betrachters wird geschult. Bewegung einer Person ist offensichtlich...aber, ist es Mann oder Frau...der Betrachter wird rätseln und sein Fazit ziehen. Ein sehr beachtenswerter Künstler, dem es gebührt sehr wohl viel Wertschätzung zu schenken!
    Eine sehr kritische Betrachterin dieses Talentes

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    Claudia Vercrüße (Sonntag, 12 Juni 2016 13:35)

    Ich schaue mir deine Bilder an und bin entzückt ... immer noch. Ich möchte bei Gelegenheit ein Bild erwerben - ich finde das grandios. Habe ich ja schon mal gesagt, aber kann man ja nicht oft genug sagen.

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    MK P Foto (Dienstag, 17 November 2015 23:34)

    Wow. Es ist, ganz ehrlich nicht meine ART, aber ich bewundere die Bilder. Ich bin lieber die Fotografin, aber Respekt! Muss man erst einmal so hinbekommen. Da steckt auf jeden Fall viel Arbeit drin. Gerne darfst du meine Seite liken. Wie erwähnt findest du dort Fotos keine ART Bilder, aber ich denke die Seite kann sich auch sehen lassen. Würde mich über ein Like sehr freuen.

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    Nova Angler (Dienstag, 17 November 2015 00:16)

    Kunst ist die Kunst, die Menschen in den unterschiedlichsten Ecken ihrer Seele zu berühren. :)

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    Cornelia Schatter (Mittwoch, 08 Juli 2015)

    Sehr schöne Bilder, vor allem eine interessante Technik.
    Wünsche weiter viel Spaß und Erfolg mit der Kunst.


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